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Unicycle Steve

I posted a "wanted" on Craigslist and figured I ask here too

Does anyone know of someone with an enclosed trailer that we may be able to rent, lease, or borrow for about a week of so? When? Well, as soon as the title company says we can move in... Probably after August 8th or 10 at the earliest we figure.

Here's ithe link: http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/wan/2522243481.html

Here's what My CL-post says:
Would like to rent, lease or borrow someones enclosed trailer.
We will need it for a week or so. We are going to be moving from highland village to the north side of Denton within the next two weeks. We are awaiting the "closing date" from the title company!

The ideal situation for us would be a minimum 18-20 foot enclosed trailer. I'd prefer a gooseneck to the BP(bumper pull) designs. Even though I've pulled plenty of BP and pintol hook 30+ foot trailers, I'm just admitting my pettiness here folks, sorry. I wouldn't turn down a BP offer as long as it was at least 18-20 feet long and tall enough too.

My Better-half doesn't want to buy a trailer then turn around and sell it when done with the move. I don't want to use the limiting situation of a U-haul BP trailer either, taking multiple trips with a small trailer(6x12) doesn't make sense. We have 4 kids. Two of them we just adopted too.

This abbreviated background:
spotless CDL record (was a certified driver trainer for an good sized OTR company); was also "Leased on" to an RV transporting & drive-away company with my '99 F350. This is the trusty truck for the move. I'd be willing to write up a "you break it you pay for it" type of common sense contract if it helped you or your Better-half's "security gland." We'd both be in the video recording I'd make documenting the current condition of the trailer before connecting it to the hitch in the bed of my truck. Just to make that "Security gland" in all of us happy.

I see so many trailers sitting all over the metroplex collecting dust from lack of use... Thank you for your time in reading all the way through too. Maybe you might know someone who'd be able to lend a helping hand or trailer???
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