katydidnt98 (katydidnt98) wrote in dentontx,

Extended hours day care

Are there any extended hours child care facilities in the area? Specifically, those that are available starting at 5AM or earlier, and close at 11:30 PM or later, open Monday through Friday (weekends don't matter since I work M-F and that's unlikely to change for several years).

I'm shopping around early to see what my options would be next year or the year after, and because I work different shifts on different days of the week, I need a 5AM opening on the early days and 11:30 PM closing on the late days, and within 30 minutes' drive of Denton/Lewisville.

I'm hoping that seeking an au pair isn't necessary, because at my current income I can afford average daycare costs, but not a private nanny or au pair. But with these funny work hours, most of my searches are coming up with nothing else.
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