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Denton, TX

Denton, TX Community
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The life and times of Denton, also known as Little D.
Do you live in Denton? Do you attend the University of North Texas, Texas Woman's University, or North Central Texas College? Do you want to make friends, find a roommate, or find activities to do for the weekend in Denton? Looking for a job around town? Want to try to sell some stuff? Well then hopefully you've come to the right place.

This is an open community for anyone living in Denton, or even having ties to this place. It is mostly going to be geared towards the college community here, but anyone is welcome to join.

Talk about events going on in town, a new place to eat you just found, or just rant about school. There is also a growing music scene - find a bandmate! Find out the best car wash to the worst fast food place. Or talk about how you wish you lived in Dallas! Whatever, just come join.

A few simple rules:
1) Please try to stay on topic, which is Denton and its happenings. Do not post quiz results, incessant plugs for rating communities, memes of any sort, etc.
2) You MUST lj-cut long posts or large pictures. Not everyone is on a fast connection. If you don't lj-cut after being asked your entry will be deleted. Don't know how? Here you go:
<*lj-cut text="(your caption here)"*> Remove the *'s and put it before your main text body.
3) Please check the gradually growing memories section below if you think you have a question that is commonly asked. If you want to know something school-related please check the communities listed below as additional resources.
4) Do not disable commenting. This is a public forum, so don't throw something out if you don't want feedback. Posts with disabled comments will be deleted.
5) In general, don't be lame.

City of Denton - official site
Denton County Sheriff's Department - Contains useful information about the DCSD
DTCA Connect - Bus schedules, public transportation, etc.
Denton Municipal Electric - DME's website
Discover Denton - eats, stuff to do, where to stay, events, etc.
rubber gloves rehearsal studio - music venue
Mr. Chopsticks - chinese, also vegan stuff
Kharma Cafe - local coffee joint, good for watching the natives (site no longer exists 3/22/08)
Recycled Books, Records, and CD's - best used bookstore in town
The Cupboard - organic food shopping + deli + gifts
Denton on Tap - get to know all the bars and dives of Denton personally with this awesome site that tells you daily drink specials, locations, and other info. (site no longer exists - 3/22/08)
Hailey's - music venue
Denton Rock City - local music message board, lots of links to music stuff
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Our very own DentonTX chat room!

What's a corn kit?

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To join: if you look at the top of this info page there should be something that says, 'click here to join'. Click, and you're set.

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